Multiplan is America’s earliest and most extensive independent PPO network. Multiplan is the largest provider of PPO’s in America. It offers nationwide access to over 4,200 hospitals, 90,000 ancillary care facilities and 450,000 physicians and specialist.


How Does MultiPlan Insurance Work?


There are three big differences between what an HMO offers and what PPOs like MultiPlan offer. These include:
Choice of Doctors – With an HMO, you must choose a Primary Care Physician, a specific doctor that will coordinate all your medical care. He must be within the specific network provided by the insurance company; if not, you will have to pay out of pocket for the services rendered. With a PPO, you do not have to select a specific doctor. You are able to see any one of the doctors in or out of the network, though you do save money if they are within the specific network.
Another difference is the coordination of benefits. With an HMO, you must first get a referral from your Primary Care Physician before you see a specialist for any reason.

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Choice of Freedom


Multiplan PPO’s give you the opportunity of freedom!

You can consult a doctor or specialist without a note from your primary care physician.

You have the choice of seeing a doctor or hospital outside the network with the covered benefits still paying the same.

With our health insurance plans, you do not have to stay in network to receive the full covered benefits available. By staying in network, you maximize the best negotiated rates with hospitals and doctors within the MultiPlan network which in turn maximizes the benefits of your health insurance plan.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION LIMITATION. Pre-existing conditions are excluded for the first 12 months following the effective date of coverage. Pre-existing conditions is the condition for which medical treatment was rendered or recommended by a physician or for which drugs or medicine was prescribed within 12 months prior to an insureds affective date. A condition shall no longer be considered a pre-existing condition after the date a person has been covered under the policy for twelve consecutive months.
BENEFITS AND AVAILABILITY MAY VARY BY STATE. For more information about policy/ plan benefits and limitations, please refer to the outline of coverage or policy as approved in your state. Please refer to your policy for definitions and all other exclusions and limitations.