Patient advocacy before, during, and after a health care event! Members gain a resource in concierge-style service to help them navigate through the chaos and confusion often associated with the health care marketplace. This includes services such as finding providers and health care facilities, scheduling appointments, pricing for non-emergency surgeries, and a personal advocate to help lower the patient’s portion of medical bills to something more manageable.

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A patient advocate driven bill negotiation service employing a
unique negotiation strategy consisting of direct negotiation,
reference based repricing, and financial aid assistance to drive savings.
With bill negotiator, our patient advocates:
Work directly with a member’s health care providers to help reduce their out-of-pocket medical bills to a fair price.
Eliminate the stress, time and expense created by complex bills and add value for employers by saving employees time



A concierge-style navigation service guiding members through a confusing healthcare system and driving cost savings while ensuring quality care. Health navigator services include:

•Physician / Specialist / Facility / Counseling Searches

•Cost comparisons for surgeries, prescriptions, imaging, MRI’s,
lab work and more (66% average savings)


•Medicare/Medicaid questions and Appeals

•Appointment scheduling

•Transferring medical records

•Connect members with counseling services

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION LIMITATION. Pre-existing conditions are excluded for the first 12 months following the effective date of coverage. Pre-existing conditions is the condition for which medical treatment was rendered or recommended by a physician or for which drugs or medicine was prescribed within 12 months prior to an insureds affective date. A condition shall no longer be considered a pre-existing condition after the date a person has been covered under the policy for twelve consecutive months.
BENEFITS AND AVAILABILITY MAY VARY BY STATE. For more information about policy/ plan benefits and limitations, please refer to the outline of coverage or policy as approved in your state. Please refer to your policy for definitions and all other exclusions and limitations.