Clear choice health group offers customized insurance plans and protection where it matters most at an affordable price. In addition, we offer policy holders a growing number of tools, resources and value-added benefits that are sure to help you navigate through the costly and complex health care marketplace. Unlike the expensive plans offered on the ACA marketplace or Obamacare plans, we have the ability to put together health insurance plans that meet both the customer’s needs and budget.


Lifetime maximum per policy is $5 million dollars

Available calendar year deductibles range from $100 to $10,000

Three benefit levels are available

The policy is guaranteed renewable to age 65


First day hospital admission benefit.

Coverage is for confinement in a hospital as a result of injury or sickness.

Confinement in the hospital’s intensive care unit as a result of sickness or injury.

Confinement in a hospital for mental illness, alcohol and or
substance abuse dependency.

Confinement in a rehabilitation facility or a skilled nursing facility.

Outpatient hospital or ambulatory surgical center services when surgery is performed.

Outpatient radiation therapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.


Impatient physicians care benefit

Surgery benefit for covered services when performed in a hospital or in an ambulatory surgical center

Inpatient pathology/radiology benefit for covered services

Anesthesia benefits for coverage services


Personal Physician Office Visits benefits


 Specialist Physician Office Visits benefits

Surgery benefit in a physicians / specialist office or
outpatient clinic

MRI, PET, CAT scan or nuclear testing benefit
X-Rays or other diagnostic testing benefits

Laboratory benefits

Injection benefits

Emergency room Department benefits

Urgent care center benefits

Ground and air ambulance benefits

Generic and name brand prescription benefits

Preventative care benefits including:



 pap smears

 PSA tests,

chest X-Rays
cholesterol testing

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION LIMITATION. Pre-existing conditions are excluded for the first 12 months following the effective date of coverage. Pre-existing conditions is the condition for which medical treatment was rendered or recommended by a physician or for which drugs or medicine was prescribed within 12 months prior to an insureds affective date. A condition shall no longer be considered a pre-existing condition after the date a person has been covered under the policy for twelve consecutive months.
BENEFITS AND AVAILABILITY MAY VARY BY STATE. For more information about policy/ plan benefits and limitations, please refer to the outline of coverage or policy as approved in your state. Please refer to your policy for definitions and all other exclusions and limitations.