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The best way to reel in and retain the right hire is to offer a prime benefits package. In fact, 80% of employees would stay with an employer who offered benefits rather than move to one who did not, even if the other employer offered a position with more pay.  In todays competitive market, every employer needs an advantage to attract and keep the best and brightest employees.

How Our Plans Can Provide Your Employees Benefits At An Affordable Cost

No business owner should have to break the bank to bring in top talent. Instead of outbidding your competition and offering a salary that is out of range of your budget, entice your applicants with a benefits package that provides more value with less cost to you. Let Clear Choice Health Group customize a benefits package for you and your staff. ​ Offering a benefits package can help with employee interest, employee satisfaction, and reduce employee turnover.  We will work with you and your staff to make your benefits package fit your needs and your budget.  Below are some of the advantages of a Clear Choice Health Group health insurance benefits plan.

  • Guaranteed issue plans with groups as small as 8 employees and groups of 5 who are fully underwritten. *

  • You as an employer decide the percentage of cost participation of the employee no matter the size of the group be it 0% or 100%,  it is your choice.

  • If the employee leaves your company, they may take the plan with them with no penalty as long as they assume paying the premium.  This way, they are not forced onto COBRA coverage like many other plans do.

  • You as the employer decide how long the new hire waiting period is for an employee to participate in your group health insurance plan.

  • You, the employer, decide the coverages your group plan contains.  The employees can purchase additional coverages at their own expense without penalty if they choose to do so. 

  • Automatic renewal of the plan each year without re-writing the coverage.

  • Rate increases are based solely on the age of the group, not the health and claims history of the group.

  • Enrolling your group is done 100% by our agents.  We will not ask your human resources department to enroll your group.  Your HR department will only be asked to contact your Clear Choice Health agent in the event of a new hire that has met the new hire qualification period and our agent will again enroll the new hire.

  • Our plans offer the ability to enroll dependents on the employees policies which in turn can qualify them for multiple insureds discounts.

*based on group underwriting guidelines.

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Offering Dependent Coverage When Your Company Has A Group Plan In Place

Many companies already have a benefits plan in place for their employees but do not offer dependent coverage or their dependent coverage rates are much to high.  At Clear Choice Health Group, we work with employers to give these dependents alternatives to expensive ACA (Affordable Health Care Act Plans or Obama Care Plans) as well as some private cost sharing plans.  These plans offer the same affordable coverage as the group plans but are made available to the individual dependents.  Although these plans are not guaranteed issue, our plans offer very lenient underwriting guidelines to help insure many common minor health issues.  By offering your employees a health benefits package and also offer their dependents the opportunity to obtain the same coverages themselves, is just another way of hiring and retaining your employees.

Contact Us Today For A Group Quote

Contact us today for a free, no obligation health benefits package.  One of our qualified agents will meet with you and help you determine the coverages you wish to offer to your employees.  They will help you put a plan together and work with the budget you have and provide several options for you to choose from.  Again, we have the ability to put together coverages you want and need unlike the ACA plans that are basically a one size fits all with very limited options.  Let our agents go to work for you to offer your employees the benefits package that will keep them happy, healthy and productive.  Simply complete the form below and the agent of your choice will contact you to set up a time to discuss your situation.


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